Frequently asked questions

Q: What makes Elevate’s workshops different?

A: You can get Electives and a SUPERSHO only at an Elevate workshop. Our process is unique and our approach is personal. Request a brochure to receive more information on our workshop programs.

Q: Are the workshops and creative services just for dance studios?

A: Of course not. We are here for the dance community, including youth groups, middle schools, high schools, colleges, pro-teams, as well as studios.

Q: How much does it cost for Elevate to come to me?

A: We take pride in providing services at affordable rates. Contact our office to get a quote.

Q: What is the SUPERSHO?

A: The SUPERSHO is the showcase we hold at the conclusion of our workshops. Friends, family, and teachers are invited to this event to witness some of the work that was done by their beloved dancers.

Q: What kinds of scholarships does Elevate reward?

A: At our workshops we offer $50-full ride scholarships, AS WELL AS, our Tuition Assistance Scholarship. If a student receives the Tuition Assistance Scholarship, Elevate will pay a portion of that dancer’s tuition.