We send our incredible group of instructors to your facility and give a workshop full of premier dance training, choreography, and character building challenges. Our process begins with us taking the time to learn about you and your dancers. Our workshops are designed to boost student cognition by pairing Electives (Musicality, Team Building, Performance, and more) with traditional classes (Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, etc.). These Electives guide dancers out of their normal training class routines and into a new atmosphere with elements like live musicians and athletic equipment.

We take a personalized approach to our instructor workshops and cater to the dance educator. The assistant training is both a bonus and necessity.



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Our team has developed 3 workshop programs that cater to the needs and goals of studio owners, program directors, and team coaches. REQUEST A BROCHURE to have us send you more information on our programs.

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Life Of The Party Program

This program helps students build musical connection, rhythm, control, and physical fitness.  Students will be encouraged to develop performance qualities, confidence, and a better overall knowledge of dance.

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This program builds team camaraderie, stage presence, and competitive intelligence to help students become top competitors.  Students will be focusing on techniques, as well as how to apply these techniques appropriately in a competitive atmosphere.

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Featured Program

This program combines in depth expression along with advanced movement to support students’ breakthroughs.  Students are introduced to professional dance industry elements, and are pushed to find a deeper meaning of dance in their everyday lives.