3 Goals Every Dance Leader Should Make To Really Succeed in 2019

It’s 2019! Do you have plans to really succeed in the upcoming year?

We hope that you have begun to envision you and your dancers thriving throughout this new year. Whether you have or you haven’t, we have researched 3 goals that every dance leader should make, to really succeed in 2019. Check them out!

  • Goal One: Explore And Exercise Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

This goal could essentially be the toughest goal to set in 2019. In order to break through barriers we have placed on ourselves, we must do thing outside of our comfort zone. Try a new class, have your company or performance group perform different genre of dance they haven’t performed before, or attend a dance show or event you haven’t before to put yourself in a new surrounding that you haven’t had the time to adapt to yet. With new experiences come new knowledge and inspiration.

  • Goal Two: Look At Challenges As Opportunities

    An excellent tool you can use throughout this new year and every year after is your mindset. It only take a second to change your point of view. We encourage you to look at the challenges in 2019 as opportunities. When a parent has a complaint, when one of your students gets a major injury, or when you find yourself sandwiched between bills, set a goal to seek opportunity in adding depth to a business relationship with a parent, teaching students about the importance in behind the scene jobs, and a time to give new meaning to possessions you already have.

  • Goal Three: Make The Time To Reflect

    This goal is listed last because it signifies the whipped topping on a sweet sugary dessert. At anytime in this upcoming year where you have a moment to breathe, TAKE IT, and reflect. True reflection is the way to look at an experience and learn from it. It can be a mistake you know to do differently or a victory that you now know to do again and multiply the success. This private exercise has the potential to make your 2019 the greatest year yet!

Start to align yourself with success this year by aiming for the 3 above goals. We hope to see you and your dancers learn, grow, and achieve all year long.

Happy New Year!

Did you enjoy this article? Tell us, and share how you plan to succeed, in leading dance, this year!

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