The 1 Thing That Makes Your Dance Team Stand Out From The Rest

Trophies and titles will come and go. Sparkly costumes are a dime a dozen. What can a dance team possess that outlives an award and will build a legacy?

Dance teams have been around for many many years all over the world, and memorable dance teams lead with a certain endowment. This ingenious feature has the ability to take any team to a place of supreme prestige.

Every dance team has it, however it is a 100% choice of the dance leader to utilize it or not. Just like any world-famous food dish, the undeniable aspect that makes it, it… is it’s ingredients. So when it comes to a dance team that undeniable aspect is, its dancers.


The first step to going about this is, identifying who your dancers are individually. We don’t just mean there names, grades, and hobbies. We’re talking about the things that make them tick all the way to the things that tick them off. We’re just saying learn that next layer underneath the surface of your dancers.

Second, identify who your dance team is collectively. When your dancers are together, what is the synergy? What do they do alike? What do they have in common? How do they speak to one another. This step takes time and much attention, however it is part of making your dance team matter in the world and more importantly in your dancers lives.

The third, and last step is to lead with what you discovered in step one and two. Use who your dancers are individually to form a functional structure within your team. Examples of this are appointing captains or assistants, as well as, designing a training regimen that supports their personalities. Use who your dancers are collectively to choose costumes, music selections, or choreography styles.

If you want your dance team to stand out, start with who your dancers are.

Can you describe what your dancers unique qualities are? Tell us, and comment below.

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