4 Ways To Keep Your Dancers Competitive Without Going To Competitions

We love healthy competition, but is it possible to train competitive dancers if you don’t go to competitions?… Absolutely it is! Read through these 4 ways and see how you can.

Competitiveness is a key characteristic needed in succeeding, however, dancers don’t have to go to competition to gain this useful tool. We have accumulated 4 ways you can help develop your student’s drive and will to achieve without taking them to competition.

1. Video record them.

Prepare your dancers to perform your choice of a staged dance or combination from class. Record them running it full out, then play back the performance for the dancers to watch. Next, encourage your dancers to top the performance they just watched.

2. Bring guests in.

Invite creditable instructors or choreographers to your facility and have a class where your dancers learn a combination and are staged or split into groups to perform. Join the guest in watching the dancers and you both verbally recognize stand out performances. ***BONUS*** Have a conversation with you guest prior class and discuss movement that is especially challenging for your dancers and ask can it be incorporated into the combination.

3. Conduct evaluations.

Periodically throughout your dance year, evaluate your dancers on your choice of dance elements. Select these categories based on what you want to be instilled in your dancers. Operate an audition style class or simply observe one of your instructors classes and evaluate your dancers executions. Keep record of these evaluations to create more opportunities for dancers to surmount themselves.

4. Acknowledge the competitor.

When a students shows sound competitive nature, reward them, it is important to outwardly identify that so your dancers connect positive drive with success. ***BONUS*** Mix it up. Instead of handing out a trophy or certificate, get creative and use gift cards or post a picture of the student to your social media.

Our ways listed above will help your dancers develop a competitive mindset and learn how to positively use it. Adopting this characteristic will contribute to your dancers succeeding in and outside of dance.

Have you tried these competitive driven exercises with your dancers? Tell us, and comment below.

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