Re-charge Your Rehearsals, Practices, And Classes With These NEW Ways

We understand how things can turn slightly dull after running the same class over and over and how dancers can hit a rut during a full season. To help fuel you through the year, we have compiled 14 different ways to shake it up!

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  • FLIP THE ROOM - For this example, let’s name the direction you normally face in class is north. Mix things up by conducting class facing south. You will both contribute to a dancer’s progression by challenging their spacial awareness, as well as, grab their attention from this unexpected change in class.

  • ASSIGN NEW ROLES - If your captains or assistants who lead the team in warm up, stretching, or conditioning exercises, switch it up and assign someone else to those tasks for the day. It will give the dancers who are usually in leading and opportunity to listen as well as give an opportunity for another team mate to practice leading.

  • IMPROV - After you finish your warm up and your dancers’ bodies are ready to practice this art form, allow them to improv. Split into groups, pick a great song, and let them go! Step out of the normal choreographed routine and let them move organically during rehearsal.

  • RELOCATE - Similar to our flipping the room example, keep your dancers on their toes by conducting your warm up, technique exercises, or even the entire class in a different location. No need for extremes here, the new location can be a different studio room, hallway, or even going outside.

  • HAVE A GUEST/AUDIENCE - We all know that deep inside all dance leaders and dancers alike is a performer. Refresh your practices by inviting a single guest artist or even a small group of qualified dance professionals to come and observe your training regimen and performance routines.

  • PLAY A GAME - To keep rehearsals progressive, make sure the activity you decide to do is a dance related. Turn things around and play a game. Freeze Dance and Copy Cat are great for beginner levels, and dance charades work for more advanced levels.

  • WATCH VIDEOS - Just like it often happens in grade school, re-charge your practice by watching videos with your team. Both videos of their past and recent performances, and well as, videos of other dance teams and advanced class combos will motivate and get some inspiration vibes going.

  • SWITCH UP YOUR DRESS CODE - Instead of the usual leotard and tights, trade in your class dress code for freestyle dance wear. Really spice it up and announce that past dance costumes and uniforms can be wore on this specialized date.

  • PLAY NEW MUSIC - Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play are great apps to help build your dance student friendly music gallery. Rejuvenate your dancers by playing new music in rehearsal. So much of the atmosphere can be heightened by a fresh new playlist to warm up to.

  • HAVE POP QUIZ - Who remembers the theme from last years recital? Who can perform the combo that was taught on the first day of class? What year was your dance company founded? Group your best dance questions to ask, and see how the energy will bloom in your dancers. Add in some cool prizes for those with the right answers.

  • USE A PROP - Have your dancers use therabands to warm up their feet. Have them use the jacket they wore to class and incorporate it into the class combo. Shake things up with a prop and excite your dancers to see art in all things around them.

  • LISTEN - Every great leader has taken the time to listen to their community. Once in a while, start a conversation with your dancers. Check in and relate on topics both in dance and outside of dance. This will give them the support needed to finish their dance season.

  • CREATE TOGETHER - Take a break from running your well rehearsed routine or teaching your normal style combo. Mix it up and choreograph a combo with taking some student suggestions. This process will benefit both you and your dancers.

  • STUDY A RELATING SUBJECT - Dance leaders contribute to dancers physical progressions as well as mental. Teaching about dance history and the pioneers have come before us is a vital element to the material all dancers should be introduced to. Students looking to continue dance training and perfroming after graduation will need coaching on the transitions to that next level. Take this time to set your dancers up with the tools needed to go after their goals.

What do you do for your dancers to re-charge them in the mist of dance training season? Tell us, and comment below.

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