19 Tips For A Better Year In Dance

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Resolutions may not stick, and goals take time to achieve, so in the mean time here are some tips to help you have a better year in dance.

Tip #1 Listen To Your Body

As artists in dance, we have the super human power of connecting with our body. With this power comes a responsibility to listen to it. Taking immediate care of an ache here or pain there, will save you from stress and frustration on something small and manageable becoming something larger and detrimental.

Tip #2 Feed Your Mind & Spirit

Read a self-help article, go for a walk, meditate, write in a diary, conduct verbal affirmations— all these examples will feed your mind and soul. A top tip is to make your mental and spiritual health a priority, for if you are at your best, the things you produce will reflect the great state you are in.

Tip #3 Block Energy Suckers

Make it a rule to not give up energy to vampires (negative sources that suck the life out of you). The task will be to not give an ounce, for an ounce will lead to a pound. If negativity is calling, let it go to voicemail.

Tip #4 Laugh Out Loud

LOL! We mean it. When you come into contact with something funny, don’t settle for a chuckle, laugh out loud. This will make it easier for others to join in your joy of life and when you make a mistake you will be able to smile through it instead of letting it weigh you down or the rest of the year.

Tip #5 Make Healthy Food Choices

We are not saying go on a diet (unless you feel that it is time for that). We are saying make these choice part of your life style. We all know that healthier foods lead to healthier lives, so do yourself a favor and substitute the fries for a side salad, or some steamed veggies since romaine lettuce was questionable in 2018.

Tip #6 Have Faith

Believe! There will be doubts coming with your new experiences and ideas this year, however, if you don’t envision the success before it happens neither will your students or the people you work with.

Tip #7 Engage In The Moment

Your better year in dance has no room for holding back. We encourage all dance leaders to walk into each rehearsal, practice, meeting, or performance ready to fully participate and be open to what your new year has to offer you.

Tip #8 Think Of Others

The art form that we all love is maximized when others are involved as well. Whether it is better team building, or simply more consideration for your fellow artists, think outside of yourself this year and you will blossom.

Tip #9 Take Notes

This tip is pure performing arts terminology. Taking notes means to record feedback and adjust accordingly. We encourage all dance leaders, like you, to be brave enough to hear constructive criticism and strong enough to make the changes needed to be better.

Tip #10 Practice Gratitude Daily

This quick and easy tip is simply to take a few minuets a day and write out or verbally announce some or all the things, instructors, choreography, or moments you are grateful for. It invites more of those moments into your year to come.

Tip #11 Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Eliminate distractions and practice staying focused on what you want to accomplish this year. Create a vision board or Pinterest board to help re-focus your thoughts and actions to your goals.

Tip #12 Show Love

This tip fits in dance and outside. Show more love and appreciation to the artists around you. Show your students good sportsmanship at competition with other dance groups, as well as true compassion to a frustrated parent.

Tip #13 Look Within

This tip will also feed your spirit. Take a moment a look within yourself before acting on ideas this year. Any project or task will make a greater impact when there is a deeper purpose behind it.

Tip #14 Get Back Up & Try Again

We believe you will have many successes in your upcoming dance year, and we both know that throughout this year you may come across losses as well. What is most important is that after you have a moment of defeat you get back up, adjust accordingly, and try again. ‘Quitters never prosper.‘—we have all heard it before and sometimes need to hear again.

Tip #15 Don’t Complain

No whining allowed. If a complaint isn’t paired with a solution it does no go. And complaining with no effort in a solution will do no good for you or your dancers.

Tip #16 Get Your Sleep

You will make better decisions when you have the proper rest. You’re not yourself when you’re hungry… or sleepy.

Tip #17 Be Full Out

Just as we have all projected to a class, ‘Full out!’, we need to speak that to ourselves as well. Everything you go about doing this dance year, do it with all you have, do it with all your might, do it full out!

Tip #18 Keep It Positive

When you have a half empty glass in front you, we encourage you to look at it as half full… and go fill it up.

Tip #19 Enjoy The Trip

Ups and downs and downs and ups are sure to come with this dance year, but it is essential to throw your hand up and scream at the top of your lungs while it happens. To be able to go about this earth leaving and breathing art is not only a wild ride, it is a total blessing.

Have these tips inspired you? Tell us, and comment below.

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