The Truth About Guest Instructors

We have summed up the all around truth about bringing in guest instructors and choreographers.  

  • TRUTH: They can enhance your dancers training and overall dance experience. A guest can bring new perspectives to your dancers, giving them a larger opportunity to connect with the knowledge they are trying to retain.  Guest choreographers can introduce a dance style/genre to both you and your students giving your establishment an advantage to provide exceptional well-rounded training.

  • TRUTH: They can be a gateway for new students.  Guest instructors have a following of their own and can be the perfect bridge for a student looking for a dance home.

  • TRUTH: They can reinforce your core values.  Your curriculum can be supported and rejuvenated by having a not so familiar face deliver what is most important to you and your dancers. 

  • TRUTH: They can be expensive.  Between travel, housing, meals, and other expenses, having guest instructors and choreographers can seem almost impossible.

  • TRUTH: They can be inexperienced.  Just because a guest instructor or choreographer has a following doesn't mean they have the experience or mindset to mentor aspiring dance professionals. Students can sense and feel an instructor’s intention and motives just as you can.

  • TRUTH: They can be more than just guests.  Guest instructors and choreographers can build relationships with both you and your students.  Connecting with students amplifies their drive and keeps students in an open mindset to receiving more from dance.  You benefit from building with a guest by having a kinship to communicate what is happening in you dance community and industry.

The truth is, guest instructors and choreographers are essential to the progression of the training you provide for your students.  Whether each occurrence is positive or negative simply depends on the communication channel built between the guest artist and yourself and how it is used.

Have you experienced any of these truths? Tell us, and comment below.

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