Our Instructors

These instructors have the experience and mindset needed to teach and mentor aspiring dance professionals. Their intentions are to connect and communicate effectively creating an atmosphere for students to success.


Sarah Lubatkin

A woman of elegance both on and off the marley floor, Sarah brings the perfect balance of fiery passion and icy sophistication to the classroom.

Corey Smith

Patient and meticulous, two words that accurately describe Corey. Another two: boundless energy.

Mati Anderson

Mati, subtle yet commanding, inspires those she encounters through pure artistry and authenticity. It remains clear her devotion to the encouragement and development of the “individual” dancer.

Liz Borom

Liz possesses a wealth of knowledge in training and technique. She holds in high regard the hard work put forth by truly committed dancers.


Xavier Lewis

Mr. Lewis exists on a wavelength a tick higher frequency than the rest of us. From him, we learn to be ourselves.


Our Assistants

“ Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”

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